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Retrieving Data

LSSC has partnered with RAVE Mobile Safety to provide proactive emergency communications through a tool we call LSSC Alert. You will only receive emergency notifications through this system. Those notifications will include weather alerts, College closings and incident alerts. When an emergency takes place on or near campus, LSSC Alert will notify the entire LSSC Community in minutes using all available methods including voicemail, email, text, social media and more.   

How to Enroll:

Students and Faculty: Because safety and security is our number one priority at LSSC, all currently enrolled students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled.

Parents and Friends of the College:  Staying up-to date regarding the safety and security of your friends, colleagues or loved ones in an emergency is now easy through LSSC Alert.  Simply follow the three steps below to activate your enrollment.   
   1. Go to 
   2. Click "Register" button in top
   3. Follow the steps to create an account

How to update your information:
Enrolled members can quickly update their information at any time by following the steps below:
   1. Go to

   2. Login with credentials provided via email to your LSSC account
   3. Select, "User" from the top right dropdown box
   4. Select, "Add" from the “Mobile Phones” box
   5. Fill in the requested information
   6. Click "Save"
How to Cancel Enrollment:
Enrolled members can quickly cancel their enrollment at any time by following the steps below:
Text STOP to 67283 (or 226787) from your registered mobile phone
Follow the steps below:
   1. Go to 
   2. Login

   3. Delete the mobile number from your registered Rave account profile
Caution:  Use care when initiating the STOP command as this will block delivery of all LSSC Alert text messages. For students, faculty and staff that choose to cancel enrollment, please note that you will still receive email alerts to your LSSC-issued email account.