Lake-Sumter Community College

Lake Sumter Community College
Lake Sumter Community College

2017-18 List of Programs

Bachelor's Degree  
CIP:  1105202991

Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), and Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degrees

CIP:  1552020102
CIP:  1511010307
CIP:  1743010302
CIP:  0646030104
CIP:  1615000001
CIP:  1351070700
Industrial Management Technology AS
CIP:  1652020501
CIP:  1351380100

Technical Certificates 

Business Management 
CIP:  0552070101
Business Operations
CIP:  0552020104
Business Specialist
CIP:  0552020103
Chemical Lab Specialist Certificate
CIP:  0641030101
Criminal Justice Technology Specialist
CIP:  0743010304
Digital Forensics
CIP:  0511100119
Electric Utility Lineworker Advanced
CIP:  0646030301
Electric Utility Lineworker Basic
CIP:  0646030103
Engineering Technology Support Specialist
CIP:  0615000007
Healthcare Informatics Specialist
CIP:  0351070712
Information Technology Analysis
CIP:  0511010312
Medical Information Coder/Biller
CIP:  0351070714
Medical Office Management
CIP:  0551071605
Scientific Workplace Preparation Certificate
CIP:  0641030102


Non-Credit Courses/Classes