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Requesting Accommodations

Request Instructor Notification Letters for Current Semester 

Any student registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities at LSSC with a current accommodation plan must request Instructor Notification Letters (INL's) each term. To make a request for INL's to be sent to each instructor on Blackboard, students must fill out the "Instructor Notification Letter Request Form" located on the link below. Please allow 3 business days for letters to be completed and sent to instructors once a semester has started.

Instructor Notification Letter Request Form


Academic Support Services 

Students should apply for services and accommodations as soon as possible before the beginning of the semester. Late requests may result in a delay of receiving support services. While the OSD makes every effort to arrange accommodations quickly, it is important to note that once an accommodation is requested it can take up to three weeks for more complex services to be put into place. It is also important to understand that accommodations can only be provided for a student who provides valid written documentation from a qualified professional and completes an official intake with the OSD.
Requesting Testing Services
Students in need of accommodations for testing must have already requested that an LSSC Instructor Notification Letter (INL) be sent to their instructor(s), preferably at the beginning of the semester.  This form verifies students are registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) and are approved for accommodations. It is the student's responsibility to discuss testing accommodations with their instructors before their first test.
Exam Options
  • Take the exam with approved accommodations at a pre-arranged location and time, coordinated with the instructor.
  • Schedule and have the exam proctored in the OSD Testing Lab with approved accommodations.
  • Take the exam in the classroom without accommodations.
Test Request Form
Instructor Notification Letters (INL's) must be requested and letters submitted to each instructor at least three (3) business days prior to submitting a test request.  If this is not done, the test request will not be processed since students must give two (2) business day's notice to schedule a test.
Procedure for Scheduling Exams in the OSD Testing Lab
  • You must contact the OSD, at least two (2) business days before each test date.  This will ensure that there is enough time to secure the test from the instructor.
  • Arrive at the OSD Testing Lab on time and on your scheduled test date.
  • If you require testing materials in Braille, you must complete the LSSC Testing Request Form at least ten (10) business days before the test date.  This will ensure that there is enough time to secure the test and have the materials printed in Braille.
  • Cell phones will not be permitted while testing.  You must either leave them in your car or place them in a sealed bag with the test proctor upon entering the testing room.
  • Student will not be permitted to work on tests after closing time (4:30PM).  To ensure you received the full extended time you are allowed, please schedule your tests accordingly.
  • Staff may check on you while you are testing.  The testing room is monitored by a closed circuit camera system.  Any evidence of cheating will be documented, the test will be stopped, and the incident reported to the instructor. As a result you may be charged with academic dishonesty according to LSSC's Student Code of Conduct.
  • If you require the use of Reading or Scribing Services, you must indicate this on the testing form so arrangements can be made ahead of time. 

Requesting Books in Alternative Format

Students in need of textbooks in alternative digital or auditory format must submit a list of textbooks with the author, edition, and ISBN number to the OSD at least two (2) to four (4) weeks prior to the date needed to ensure there is enough time to secure the permissions and materials from publishers and other resource entities.
Requesting Braille Materials
Students in need of textbooks in alternative Braille format must submit a list of textbooks with the author, edition, and ISBN number to the OSD at least four (4) weeks prior to the date needed.  This will ensure there is time to secure the permissions and materials from the student and publishers.  Then materials will need to be printed in Braille and returned to the school for distribution to the student.  Some materials may take longer if there are copyright issues.
Requesting Sign Language Interpreting Services
Once you have applied to LSSC, students in need of Interpreting Services must contact the OSD to turn in proper documentation and to set up an intake appointment.  At least five (5) business days notice is necessary to arrange interpreting services at the meeting otherwise we cannot guarantee that this services will be available.