Lake-Sumter Community College

PERT, HESI, AND Online Math

Effective May 1, 2018, there will be a $20.00 testing fee assessed to all PERT testers. If you have any questions please contact the Learning Centers at 352-365-3554 or 352-536-2206.

  (HESI is Oct 1 through Feb 28 only) 

Attention all students: No personal items will be allowed in the testing room. Only keys and ID .

The CLEP test is only given at the Leesburg Campus.

Before you take the test, review the PERT Study Guide. You can also come in The Learning Center to get help from the math and English tutors!

Online Math: Online math students may make an appointment for testing on the Appointment Locator drop down menu. Leesburg testing will occur in the Science-Math Building, Math Emporium, Room 137 and Clermont testing in the Building 1, Math Emporium, Room 204. Students are required to arrive on time and bring a PHOTO ID. Note: Please enter course CRN for class under Special Instructions.

  At the end of the test, the test proctor will discuss what your scores mean and the options for remediation after taking the PERT. You will get lots of helpful information about the placement test by calling 352-435-5009 for details.

 **Lake Sumter State College testing services are accessible to individuals with disabilities.  If you need assistance due to a disability as defined under the ADA or ADAAA, please contact the Director of the Office for Students with Disabilities, at 352-365-3589 or via e-mail.