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Science Department

Our Mission

The Department of Natural Sciences offers a wide variety of high quality introductory and second

year college science courses to science and non-science majors through formal classroom instruction, laboratory exercises and directed study with the intent to prepare each student for advancement in their field of study. It is our hope that our students will learn to appreciate science as a means of acquiring knowledge; scientific knowledge being the cumulative result of applying logic to sensory data for the purpose of developing theories that explain natural phenomena. We strive to challenge student views of science and at the same time build the scientific skills that create a sound foundation which students will use when viewing the world around them.

Our Vision

The Natural Sciences Department promotes scientific inquiry that will enhance the learner's ability to function within a scientifically advancing society.


Department Chair, Dr. Cory L. Blackwell

Dr. Cory L. Blackwell

 Welcome to the Lake Sumter State College Natural Science Department. The LSSC Natural Science Department provides modern technology and laboratories with dynamic instruction to help you navigate the exciting world of science. We offer diversified science courses that are relevant in the modern world.

Our courses provide students with the knowledge and experience to pursue further studies in the sciences or simply participate in a modern society dominated by science and technology. We emphasize an understanding of modern scientific methodologies, including current methods of scientific experimentation, as well as up-to-date laboratory techniques and equipment.

Our students are provided with top-notch science programs led by outstanding faculty in small class settings. Lake Sumter State College students have successfully transferred to four-year universities across the United States. Through Science the future is yours. Please give us a call or email. We are here to help you have a great experience at Lake Sumter State College.

Contact Information:

Dr. Cory L. Blackwell
Phone: 352-536-2124


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