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Future Students- LSSC ADN Program

 For students who were never enrolled in a nursing program. 

What Nurses Do

Admission/Application Information 

  • First Steps (Immediate Action Required)
    • VISIT with LSSC Academic Advising
      • Indicate intention to study nursing
      • Select correct general-education program code
    • REVIEW all information provided on this web page
    • ATTEND mandatory nursing information session (see schedule below)
  • Information Packet  
    • Changes Summary: (occuring after initial posting [09/28/17] of information packet for current year)

      • General Track

      • Bridge Track

  • Course Comparison by Track/Option


Pre-Application Schedules          




Florida Nursing Students Association (FNSA)

Students intending to make application to the nursing program are eligible for membership in this preprofessional organization.
  • Use this link to view membership benefits and to join:
  • Use this link for inquiries about LSSC's local chapter: 

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