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Parents and HS Counselors​

Dual Enrollment at a Glance: This document contains eligibility information for Public, Private, Home, and Early Admission students. It also details the Dual Enrollment withdrawal and continued eligibility policies.

Dual Enrollment Advising Guide​: Students receive this guide during the mandatory dual enrollment new student orientation (SOAR Part II). Information includes: how to register for classes, understanding your academic advising guide, college resources, textbooks, steps that follow orientation, and tips to succeed in college as a dual enrollment student.  

What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records. The same laws that give parents or legal guardians and students access to and control over a child’s educational records during elementary and high school transfer ownership of the records to the student at the college level.

But I’m under 18, does it protect me too?

According to FERPA, college students are considered responsible adults and are allowed to determine who will receive information about them. So even though high school students may be “dependent minors”, under FERPA they still have rights to privacy in all matters relating to their LSSC educational records. LSSC staff and faculty members will not release information relating the student’s educational record to persons other than LSSC staff, without the students’ written consent.

Can my parents or legal guardians be given access to my educational records?

Yes, parents or legal guardians are welcome to attend advising sessions with you if you have a FERPA release form on file.  Generally, parents or legal guardians wishing to meet with an LSSC staff member to discuss their child’s educational progress or academic record should be accompanied by the student themselves.

Can LSSC faculty and staff release information about my educational record via email or phone?

LSSC staff and faculty are restricted from releasing student educational record information over email and in very limited ways on the phone and only when appropriate student identity verification is available.

A note about privacy for parents and legal guardians:

We respect and value your role in supporting your child’s academic progress and are eager to answer your questions whenever possible.  Our students’ right to privacy is also equally important to us.  At any time, we can answer questions and provide assistance to parents regarding general issues.  However, in order to discuss any issues related to your child’s individual educational record, including grades, academic standing, conduct issues, etc., we will require a signed FERPA release form from your child. In the case of an extreme emergency, where the students’ health is in serious jeopardy, or if there is a concern that students pose a threat to themselves or to someone else, LSSC may contact parents or high school staff. 

To learn more about FERPA, please see the US Department of Education’s FERPA Guide for Parents.

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