Lake-Sumter Community College

Transient Students

Transient students are students who are currently enrolled in another college or university and wish to take only one or a few courses at LSSC with the intention of transferring the LSSC credit back into his or her "home institution."


If you're currently enrolled in a public, Florida institution of higher education, and you wish to take coursework that will be transferred back to your current institution, complete and submit the online Transient Student Admission Application at (previously known as "Florida Virtual Campus"). (Once you're at, from the homepage, select "Take a course at another School.") Following the steps online at FloridaShines is your transient student application – there is no need to fill out an online or paper application to LSSC.

Using the Transient Student Approval Form

If your home institution is a private or out-of-state institution, or is not listed with FloridaShines, you must complete a paper application, pay the $30 application fee, and submit a letter or form from your home institution.​ (To obtain the paper application, contact the Admissions and Records Office directly.)

Other Helpful Hints for Transient Students

At, you will need your student identification number and personal identification number (PIN) to access your LSSC information. Your student ID for the site is your LSSC X-ID.

All students enrolled at LSSC (beginning with the Fall 2000 semester) have been assigned an eight-digit PIN according to the following criteria:

  • The first four digits of the PIN equal the last four digits of your SSN.

  • The next two digits of the PIN equal your numeric birth month (i.e. January = 01, February = 02, December = 12, etc.).

  • The last two digits of the PIN equal your numeric birth year.


If your social security number is 123-45-6789, and your birthday is January 6, 1965, your PIN is: 67890165.

Changing or Resetting your PIN

Students are allowed to change their PIN any time. The automatic system allows students to change PINs online. As with all personal information, LSSC encourages students to change PINs and to keep them confidential.