Lake-Sumter Community College

Classification & Compensation Study Project


  • The first objective is to review all full-time regular staff position job descriptions to ensure that all of the position descriptions (a) accurately reflect duties and responsibilities required to successfully complete the job; and (b) are correctly classified into the appropriate classification range for the job.
  • The second objective is to conduct a market compensation study to be used to develop a long-term compensation strategy for LSSC based on relevant market comparisons of current positions.

Proiect Goals

  • To create a classification and compensation plan that is externally competitive, internally equitable, readily updated, easily understood, and fiscally responsible;
  • To provide increased opportunities for professional growth and development;
  • To enhance recruitment opportunities and increase retention of employees;
  • To update compensation and position management practices to make the college more competitive in the local, regional, and national markets, as appropriate.





Project Manager

Fran Pistilli




 Joyce Brautcheck,  Kristen Cole,   Ana Diamand,  Bill Dillinger,   Dallas Henley,  Mike Nathanson,   Carolyn Scott


Agendas and Minutes

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Supplemental Material

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