Lake-Sumter Community College

Purchasing Process

The following is a quick overview of our purchasing process. In effort to clarify purchasing requirements, and when POs or DPs should be used, please refer to the following for helpful information.  

To request a training sessions or if you have questions relating to Requisitions, Purchase Orders, or Vendors, contact Bill Ponko at x3502. For Direct Pay or Accounts Payable questions, contact Allison Rehbaum x4258. 

When to use Direct Pay Check Request (DP) rather than PO?
  • Vice Presidential approval
  • Professional organizations and membership fees
  • Emergencies: (Act-of-God, hurricane, etc. . . .)
  • Travel: hotel, conference registration, transportation
  • Office (not library) periodical subscriptions
  • Financial aid awards (scholarships and loans)
  • Postage
  • Licenses and permits
  • Vendor won’t accept PO or requires prepayment
  • Payroll, club

Vendor Issued Credit Card Purchases

Contact the Purchasing Dept to use the following credit cards:
  • Walmart
  • Wright Express (gas card)
  • Office Depot
  • Publix

Please note: Credit card purchases should not be done in lieu of purchase orders. Once cards have been returned, it is your responsibility to return the DP & backup information to financial services.

Vendor Credit Card Admin Procedures 


Frequently Asked Questions (Internal Use Only)

Step by Step Banner Use Examples

Creating a Req in Banner

Correcting a Req

Cancelling a Req

Querying an Existing Req

Viewing Req Approval

Checking PO Balance

Checking a Vendor

How to Create a Blanket PO

Monitoring an Open PO

Querying an Existing PO