Lake-Sumter Community College

Curriculum and Instruction Committee

Purpose and Charge

Provide leadership advancing college and student success by:

  • Providing support for, and making continuous improvement recommendations for instructional matters, curriculum and new program proposals and articulations with other providers.

    Areas of Focus:  course and program additions, deletions and modifications; articulations; textbooks; baccalaureate program development; and curriculum and instruction measures and targets.
  • Advancing the strategic plan, fostering cycles of improvement, monitoring college performance against set measures and targets, and making recommendations with the college mission, vision, values as a focus.  Utilize the Business Planning Process to guide recommendations.
  • Collaborating with senior leadership, committees, division and departmental personnel and other subject matter experts as appropriate. 
  • Reviewing, prioritizing and making recommendation on projects/initiatives brought forward outside of the budget process.
  • Evaluating, recommending, and executing projects as assigned by Cabinet and Planning Council.

2018 - 2019 Focus and Objectives

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Ms. Kristen Chancey


Mr. Phillip Suttkus


Ms. Jessica Bardt
Dr. Barbara Lange
​Dr. Charise Lindsay
Mr. Daniel Marulanda
Dr. Benedetto Mongiovi
​Ms. Cynthia Nash

Ms. Cynthia Nash
Dr. Luis Ortiz
Ms. Caitlin Moore, ex officio
Mr. Jeremy Norton, ex-officio
Mr. Thom Kieft , Cabinet liaison






Committee Schedule

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Agendas and Minutes