[Hurricane Ian] Emergency Deans available for student assistance

LSSC Students: 

As Hurricane Ian begins to leave our area, we know that the storm may have impacted different areas of our counties in varying ways. We recognize that you may also need to care for your own family and repair your own property during this time.  As you begin to plan for your return to classes next week, we want you to know that the College’s Emergency Deans are available to work as advocates to help ensure adequate support and resources are made available to you. 

To contact an Emergency Dean, please send an email to Deanofstudents@lssc.edu.  

Emergency Deans can offer support in a variety of scenarios, including: 

  • Those students who have been displaced from their home 
  • Students who are experiencing financial difficulties or food insecurity 
  • Students who are experiencing mental or emotional distress 

The Emergency Deans will provide support in navigating College processes and provide referrals and assistance in connecting you with College resources and local community resources.

LSSC is committed to providing you with the support you need to be successful, so please do not hesitate to contact the Emergency Deans for assistance.