CIT to IoT Program Process


Students must be enrolled in the CIT program to be eligible to enroll in the IoT Program, and to later participate in the IoT Internship Program. They must meet the following prerequisites:

  • “C” or higher in CET2180 (A+ Hardware)
  • CET1179C (A+ Software)
  • CET1485 (Network Essentials)

Formal Interview

Since students will be exposed to real-world customer technologies and solutions that may not have come to market, the interview process is necessary to ensure that students have the required technical knowledge and the work ethic to deliver customer solutions within time and budget constraints.

Once an interested student has met the necessary prerequisites outlined above, they can contact Dr. Chris Sargent at to request a formal interview.

IoT Internship

The Redd Ash Innovation Center (IoT Lab) is located in Building 1 on the South Lake Campus. The IoT internship schedule will vary each semester.