Businessman and group of doctors working on a computer during a meeting.

Degree Overview

The Health Services Management Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree prepares students for employment as health services managers in a variety of settings, once they gain experience working in healthcare services. Healthcare is America’s fastest growing service industry. Graduates of this program will have numerous employment opportunities leading to promotional opportunities in management positions such as medical practice manager or supervisor of a revenue-cycle related department in a hospital or other health facility. The program emphasizes communication skills, leadership skills, principles of management in health settings, computer and e-health skills, health revenue cycle management, healthcare delivery systems; medical ethics, compliance, health sciences, safety, and employability skills.

Included Certificates:

Program Manager

Brandy Ziesemer
Email: ZiesemeB@LSSC.EDU

Brandy Ziesemer, RHIA, CCS, joined LSSC in 1996 part-time and in 1997 as a full-time instructor and program manager. She started her health information and health services management career as a supervisor trainee of federal employee managed care contracts with Blue Shield of California. She has a master’s degree in English and an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Medical Informatics Teaching and Integration from University of West Florida.

Degree Snapshot

  • Total Program Credit Hours: 60
  • Offered Fully Online: Yes (except Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Program Base Camp: Leesburg
  • Typical Starting Positions: Medical Office Manager, Health Services Department Supervisor, Revenue Cycle Analyst/Coordinator, Billing Specialist/Lead
  • Starting Salary: $18/hr. Data Source
  • Job Growth in Area through 2026: 32% Data Source