Mechatronics is the future

Mechatronics is an engineering field that combines mechanics, electronics, and computing. Mechatronics is essential for meeting the expected growth in automation and manufacturing.

Do you like working with robots, control systems or mechanical equipment? Do you have strong problem solving skills? Do you work well in a team? Mechatronics could be a fit for you!

What does someone in this career do?

Mechatronics specialists utilize their broad skill set and apply knowledge from mechanical and electrical engineering to work with engineers on both teams. In this career, you could work with massive industrial robots, robots packaging goods for delivery, control systems for bottling or packaging, or control systems for rides in amusement parks.

Today, machines of all kinds are increasingly run by computers. The mechatronics specialist develops and maintains the computer and electrical systems to support that machine.

What’s the career outlook for mechatronics?

Mechatronics is already crucial to the global economy. Companies across Florida and around the world are increasingly relying on mechatronics to design, build, and maintain their machines. As a relatively new field in engineering, there’s not yet specific job projections for mechatronics, but the U.S. Department of Labor says that electrical and mechanical engineering jobs will grow by up to 5% through 2024.

A wide range of industries are looking to hire mechatronics professionals: advanced manufacturing, aerospace, agriculture/food, biotechnology/medical, defense/homeland security, entertainment/theme parks, forestry, mining, renewable energy, robotics, software development, telecommunications/networking, transportation/logistics, and more.

Graduates of LSSC’s Mechatronics program will have been exposed to leading-edge technologies that will give them the skills needed to be highly competitive in the workforce and prepared with the necessary foundational skills sought by industry leaders.

Mechatronics Certificate

  • 39 credit hour certificate program
  • Courses offered at Sumter Center location
  • Courses detailed in the Course Catalog
  • Certificate transfer to LSSC’s AS Engineering Technology degree
  • AS degree holders can transfer to four-year engineering programs


  • One of the best colleges in Florida
  • One of the lowest tuition rates in Florida (over half the cost of a state university)
  • Scholarships available to all students (apply by June 30 for fall scholarships)
  • Strong industry relationships for employment potential

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