Lake-Sumter Community College

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Steps to Enrollment

Ready to apply to LSSC? First, make sure you know what kind of student you'll be (new, international, returning, transient, transfer, etc.), and follow the eight easy enrollment steps outlined below.

Eight Easy Enrollment Steps 

First Step

Admission Application and Florida Residency


Admission Application

Apply early to allow time needed for all eight steps! Application deadlines are typically set two weeks prior to the start of the term. Along with the application, a $30 application fee is required for all first-time-in-college, transfer, and baccalaureate program applicants.

Proof of Florida Residency

All applicants must submit a signed Residency Affidavit, and if claiming Florida Residency, applicants must submit supporting documentation along with the affidavit to verify continuous residency within the state of Florida for the 12 months leading up to the start of the term. For more information about claiming Florida residency, see Residency Information.

Second Step

Financial Aid and Scholarships


Financial Aid

To be considered for state and federal financial aid, begin by completing the online, Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and all documents requested by the LSSC Financial Aid Office. Students who meet all income eligibility requirements may qualify to receive financial aid to help pay college expenses. This process takes several weeks, so begin well in advance of the term for which you want to enroll.


For information and applications for scholarships made available through the generosity of our community, visit the LSSC Foundation. Scholarship applications are due in March, May and October for each upcoming term.​ For information on LSSC, state, federal and external scholarships based on academic ability, special talent and/or financial need, visit the Financial Aid website.

Third Step

Official Transcripts, Test Scores, and 

Alternative Credit Documentation


First-Time-in-College Applicants
FTIC applicants are required to submit official, final high school or GED transcripts that show the date of graduation. It is the applicant's responsibility to contact his or her high school or the Department of Education to request the transcript be sent to LSSC Admissions and Records. Transcripts must be received by the Admissions and Records Office directly from the high school and college or university, or hand-delivered in the original, official, sealed envelope.

Transfer and Baccalaureate Applicants
Transfer and Baccalaureate applicants are required to submit official, final high school or GED transcripts that show the date of graduation, as well as official transcripts from each previously-attended college or university. Transcripts must be received by the Admissions and Records Office directly from the high school and college or university, or hand-delivered in the original, official, sealed envelope.

Official test scores must be sent received by the Admissions and Records Office by the appropriate testing agency. For more information on how to request your official test scores, see Ordering Outside Test Scores for LSSC.

Fourth Step

Placement Testing

Placement Testing
Placement testing may be required of some applicants. If you are required to take the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT), you may schedule your placement test at the Learning Center at either the Leesburg or South Lake campuses. The PERT Study Guide is a resource that can help you gain an understanding of what the PERT is about; plus, it can help you feel more comfortable and confident on testing day. 

Fifth Step

Lakehawk Mail

Activate your Lakehawk Mail
Activate and begin using your Lakehawk Mail account as soon as you are admitted. All communication between LSSC students, faculty, and staff is done via Lakehawk Mail, and it is also a source of critical information, including weather and safety notifications. 

Sixth Step

Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) 

​First-Time-in-College and Dual Enrollment Students
FTIC and dual-enrolled students are required to complete the two-part SOAR program.

Transfer and Transient Students
Transfer and Transient students are encouraged to complete the SOAR program; however, they are not required. 
Transfer students should meet with an Academic Advisor to develop an academic plan prior to registering for classes, and they should bring unofficial copies of all transcripts to their first advising appointment.

Baccalaureate Students
After receiving notification of acceptance into the baccalaureate program, baccalaurete students must attend a required a "Baccalaureate Welcome and Orientation," a half-day session held the Saturday prior to the start of the term.

Seventh Step

Register for Courses

Register for Courses
After completing all required previous steps, students will register for classes online using Lake-Sumter Online Interactive Services (LOIS) during assigned registration periods. Students also may use LOIS to add and drop courses, verify contact information, view class schedules, check final grades, monitor financial aid processes and view account balances. For help registering, please see the Course Registration Guide.

Eighth Step

Pay Tuition and Fees

Pay Tuition and Fees 
All fees, financial aid and student account information are found in LOISPayments may be made online through LOIS, or in-person at any campus. To learn about the Tuition Installment Plan and ways to pay, visit the Business Services website.​



"What's next?"

  1. Purchase textbooks and other supplies at your campus bookstore:
  • If you're taking a hybrid or online course, complete your Canvas Orientation. (Tip: It is located on the Dashboard within Canvas.)
  • Review Campus Maps and visit campuses where you have classes scheduled, and get familiar with your route.
  • Visit faculty websites to learn more about your professors and instructors and their expectations.
  • Get to class!