About MyPlan

MyPlan is a web-based career planning resource that allows you to take assessments of your personality, interests, skills and work values, and then see how those patterns of characteristics match with hundreds of different occupations. This resource is available to LSSC current and prospective students, alumni and faculty/staff. In order for the assessments to provide accurate and meaningful feedback, you must follow the directions carefully and respond truthfully.

Registration for MyPlan

  1. Go to www.lssc.myplan.com
  2. Click “Create Free Account”
  3. Fill out the Account Information
  4. Read and agree to the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy”, then Click “Continue”
  5. When the system asks for License Code, enter : 8EMZKWVM (Expires 4/27/2022)
  6. To make results viewable to LSSC Career Advisors, click “Share results with license provider”
  7. Click “Submit Registration”

*You must register and enter License Code to take free assessments.

Taking Career Assessments

To access the assessments, click on the “Assessment” tab at the top of the page. Each assessment varies in length, but most can be completed within 15 minutes. Each one must be completed once you start it and incomplete tests cannot be saved. Each question must be answered in order – do not skip questions. Once you have completed an assessment it will appear in the “My Reports” folder under “My Portfolio” for you to review.

Be sure to take all four assessments (Personality, Interests, Skills, and Values)!

Compare Your Results

  • In the “My Portfolio” gray box located on the left of the screen you should see your four reports, followed by “Composite Score.” Click “Composite Score” to see the list of corresponding occupations.
  • Where it states “What Level of Education?” select the appropriate education level you that best matches your educational goal. A list of possible occupations will be generated. Near the bottom of the page, next to “Display” select “All” so you can view all your suggested career matches on one page.
  • Review the list. Click on the hyperlinked title of any occupation that seems interesting. This will bring you to a detailed multi-page profile that includes: job descriptions, job requirements, salary and employment data, and related majors or degrees to enter that field.
  • Now, under “What Level of Education?” select “All Education Levels” and click “Go!” so you can see all your career matches at all educational levels. Even if your current plan doesn’t involve going to graduate school, it may in the future, so let’s include those occupations for exploratory purposes. Near the bottom of the page, next to “Display” select “All.”. Review the list.
  • The goal is for you to identify 4-5 occupations of interest for you to further investigate and assess. 

Please keep in mind that MyPlan.com is not intended to tell you what you “should do” as a career or academically. It is a starting point to help you generate career and academic options. Ultimately, it is YOUR decision to determine the best career and academic path to pursue.

Meet With a Career Advisor

Schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor for assistance in interpreting your assessment results to further explore careers and majors and develop a career and educational plan. To schedule an appointment, login to Starfish and find your campus Career Advisor under Services.

Additional Features of MyPlan

My Plan allows you to conduct research on various areas related to your career or major. In specific, you can click on:

  • Career Tab: Search career profiles, including career overview, sample job titles, projected salary, videos, etc. 
  • Majors Tab: Search majors of interest and learn about the career options for each
  • College Tab: Search colleges that match your interests whether you search by major offered, size, location, etc.