Lake-Sumter State College has several classifications for students wishing to enroll. It is important to know your student type so that you submit the appropriate paperwork and your information can be processed efficiently.

First Time in College

You are a first time in college student if Lake-Sumter State College is the first college or university that you will attend.

Bachelor / Baccalaureate

You are a baccalaureate student if you have already earned an AA or AS degree and wish to earn a Bachelor degree.

Dual Enrollment

You are a dual enrollment student if you are currently enrolled in high school and wish to complete courses for both high school and college credit.


You are a re-entry student if you were previously enrolled at LSSC but have not taken any classes for more than three semesters.


You are a transfer student if LSSC is not the first college or university that you have attended and you wish to enroll in a degree program at LSSC.


You are a transient student if you do not plan to complete you degree at LSSC, but wish to take one or more classes here.


You are an international student if you are seeking an education with a visa that allows you to do so.


You are a non-credit student if you are taking adult non-credit educational courses.