Phone System Issues – South Lake & Sumter

LSSC is currently experiencing issues with our phone systems on the South Lake Campus and Sumter Center due to storm-damaged equipment.

Incoming calls are primarily impacted and may not connect. If you are unable to connect, we encourage you to contact the office or individual that you are trying to reach via email.

Faculty & Staff Directory

Our IT team is working with our phone provider to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

We will continue to provide updates as additional information becomes available or the issue is resolved.

UPDATE 1 (7/9 8:00 am): The issue has been resolved for the South Lake Campus. We expect Sumter Center to be restored this morning.

UPDATE 2 (7/9 6:30 pm): Progress has been in made in repairing the system at Sumter Center. The damage to the equipment was greater than expected, and work will continue tomorrow to repair the issue. Interruptions to incoming call service at the Sumter Center may be greater tomorrow.

UPDATE 3 (7/15 8:00 am): All repairs have been completed and systems operating normally.