Strategic Priorities & Goals


Maximize access to programs and services

  • Grow student enrollment to 10,000 students
  • Expand regional presence
  • Maximize affordability
  • Modernize enrollment processes

Key Performance Indicators

  • Applicant conversion rate
  • Total enrollment
  • Campus locations
  • Average amount students pay to attend

Workforce Development

Accelerate career placement and economic impact

  • Align programs to meet employer demand
  • Accelerate job placement

Key Performance Indicators

  • Job placement rate
  • New programs created
  • Existing program reviews completed

Student Learning & Success

Engage students as a partner in their success

  • Improve student success
  • Improve first-time pass rates in math
  • Accelerate and increase credential attainment

Key Performance Indicators

  • Student retention
  • Math course pass rates
  • Student completion

Learning & Work Environment

Cultivate a community renowned for being a great place to learn and work

  • Optimize productivity
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Create dynamic learning and work environments

Key Performance Indicators

  • Retention
  • Turnover
  • Continuous improvement scores