Lake-Sumter State College has designated a Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators, whose responsibility it is to oversee the College’s compliance with Title IX. This team’s responsibilities include  coordinating the investigation of and response to sex discrimination complaints, responding to inquiries concerning Title IX, tracking incidents and trends involving sexual misconduct, coordinating equity in athletics compliance, publicizing LSSC’s procedure and providing training on preventing sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence.

If you have a complaint involving sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence, or if you have questions about LSSC’s policies or procedures in these areas, please contact one of the Title IX Coordinators or Deputy Coordinators listed below.

Please Note:  Title IX Coordinators and Deputy Coordinators are not a confidential source of support. While they will address your complaint with sensitivity and will keep your information as private as possible, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. External Confidential resources for students can be obtained through the Student Assistance Program; external confidential resources for faculty and staff can be found through the Employee Assistance Program. For more information,  please visit this page.

Team Members

Title IX Coordinator

Rebecca Nathanson
Director, Campus Safety

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students

Kelly Hickmon
Manager, Enrollment & Student Affairs
(352) 568-3747

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees, Contractors, Visitors

Carol A. Tolx. Ed.D.
Associate Vice President, Human Resources
(352) 787-3747

Title IX Hearing Officer

Carolyn Scott
Dean of Students