Inaugural Class of Corrections Officers Complete LSSC Leadership Academy Three of the nine corrections officers who completed the Corrections Leadership Academy in January 2020.

Lake-Sumter State College and the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) celebrated the accomplishments of nine correctional officers at the Inaugural Achievement Ceremony of the Corrections Leadership Academy held at the Sumter Correctional Institution on January 15.

The Corrections Leadership Academy is a cohort-based professional development program established by LSSC in coordination with FDC to fill a training need in the local workforce.

“Officers need to keep current with changes in both the law and how they can be held liable for the actions of the people they supervise,” says Greg Bridgeman, LSSC program manager for Criminal Justice. “Through our collaboration with FDC, we will look at any necessary content changes before each cohort to ensure we are always providing the most current information.”

The program consists of 15 hours of college credit and offers aspiring and current correctional professionals opportunities for growth in their career, including promotions and salary increases.

“This program provides a mutually-beneficial outcome for both FDC and the surrounding community by advancing the skill sets of our correctional professionals and enabling them to utilize their advanced knowledge to assist in the re-entry of released offenders in communities across the state,” said Matt Sumner, assistant warden of the Sumter Correctional Institution.

Aspiring or current correctional professionals interesting in participating the program should visit or contact Greg Bridgeman.

All nine correctional officers who completed the Leadership Academy
From left to right:  Sgt. Fidel Serrano, Sgt. Sheri Milam, Sgt. Latasha Davis, Lt. Jesse Milam, Sgt. Hemchand Dhanraj, Sgt. Keronte Davis, Sgt. Ashley Tompkins, Officer James Stickley