End of Fall Semester Student Message from President Bigard

Dear students,

As we near the end of the semester, I want to commend you on the commitment you have made to your future!  The fall semester is nearly complete, with finals planned for next week.  You have broadened your perspectives, increased your knowledge, and tested your limits which are all part of your higher education journey.  Whether your plans for spring are to continue your education at Lake-Sumter, transfer to a university, or begin a new career, I hope this fall has been a good experience for you.  Our faculty and staff are truly committed to your success and remain invested in your future.  

As the new President, I am also excited to share some of our plans for the College’s future.  Many of you have expressed a desire for more online courses, and we continue to expand those offerings while balancing the demand for on-campus courses as well.  Student learning and support services are also growing into online spaces, but our on-campus libraries, learning centers, and emporiums are open to support you.   In the coming weeks, you will receive a survey about your course modality and service preferences.  Please take a few moments to complete it so that we can build future schedules and student service hours with your needs in mind.  Our new Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs, Dr. Joseph Mews, is actively working on ways to improve your experience in navigating our systems, accessing support resources, and successfully completing your academic program.  You will hear more from him in January about website revisions and the guided pathways project.

I’m happy to share that we are also expanding our programs and locations.  We have already increased capacity in our nursing program and started a medical laboratory technology program.  Additional programs that are in development include physical therapy assisting, respiratory care technician, cardiology technician, sonography technician, and construction management, in addition to new tracks in the Bachelor of Applied Science program for healthcare administration and sports leadership.  Next fall, we will open a site in the Town Center of Four Corners to offer a variety of general education courses and a new site in Eustis for the Lineworker and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) programs.  

Lake-Sumter State College is here to serve our community with education and programs that align with business and industry development. This means as we continue to grow and expand our programs that we will be supporting our local workforce by providing opportunities and connections for our students to get jobs and advance their career after they graduate.

Finally, I want to offer my congratulations to our December graduates. I look forward to seeing you soon as you cross the stage to receive your degree. We are all proud of your success and to have you join our family of alumni Lakehawks!  

Have a wonderful holiday season,
President Bigard