A love of science charts a path to a career in Medical Lab Technology for Kendall Gohrs [Student Spotlight]

Kendall Gohrs, a Sanford, Florida native, is finding her niche at Lake-Sumter State College. After attending University High School in Orange City, Gohrs went on to Seminole State College, taking all the prerequisite courses for their Nursing degree. “I really fell in love with microbiology, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry,” says Gohrs.

After graduating with her Associate of Arts degree in General Education and a technical certificate in laboratory sciences, Gohrs realized she wanted to pursue something other than the nursing pathway. “I decided to look into what I could do with my technical certificate in the laboratory sciences,” she said.

At that time, Gohrs found out about Lake-Sumter State College’s Medical Laboratory Technology program through an e-mail from Seminole State. “My program director recommended that I go directly to LSSC because I would be a great candidate for the program based on my interests and knowledge,” Gohrs shared.

Gohrs decided to stay close to home and attend Lake-Sumter State College, knowing she wanted to become an MLT. Gohrs is very happy with her decision and enjoys her time at LSSC. “My favorite class so far is Hematology; I love the labs we do, and learning about blood is very interesting to me.”

In addition to her favorite classes, Gohrs loves being an LSSC Lakehawk because of the people. She shared, “everyone I have met, whether it be advisors, program directors, or professors, has been extremely helpful; each person takes the time to let you know they are there for you and your academic success.”

Gohrs plans to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Laboratory Science and aims to learn as much as possible about the field. “I’d love to work in a hospital lab setting and collaborate with all the different departments or else in a reference lab as a Microbiology Specialist,” Gohrs shared about her career aspirations. Based on her timeline, Gohrs expects to graduate from Lake-Sumter State College in December 2024.

Her advice to anyone considering the MLT program would be to do the prerequisite courses because the lab work done during that time is much like what you’d be doing in the field. “If you love that work, then you should definitely pursue the program,” she says.

When Gohrs isn’t on campus, she enjoys playing the flute in a symphonic band. “I have been playing the flute for about 12 years, and I love making music and performing for others to hear,” she shared.

If Gohrs had to describe LSSC in one word, she says it would be “rewarding.” “I haven’t been at LSSC long, but my entire time here has opened so many doors and opportunities,” she says. Gohrs is very grateful to attend classes at LSSC and can’t wait to see what the future brings her.

Learn more about LSSC’s Medical Laboratory Technology program here.