Steve Macholz is energizing future lineworkers from his own experiences [Employee Spotlight]

Steve Macholz first realized he loved the energy industry when he was a Special Handling Supervisor/Joint Airlift Inspector in the United States Airforce 29 years ago. “This profession offers the unique aspect of being different every day,” says Macholz. “Many times, you are helping people directly or indirectly by providing electric service or repairing and restoring their power.”

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Macholz progressed through training to become a journeyman lineman. Since then, he has worked his way up through various companies and held different positions in management. Macholz says, “along the way, people would always comment to me, ‘you should try training people.'” And when the opportunity to work at Lake-Sumter State College presented itself, that’s just what Macholz chose to do. “I decided it was time for me to help others into a field of work that I have always enjoyed,” he said.

Having gone back to school later in life to earn his degree, Macholz knows firsthand that some high school graduates need more time to be ready for the commitment of additional schooling. “LSSC can provide higher education degrees or workforce credentials to help people be successful no matter what stage they are in,” he says.

Macholz shares that working at LSSC has given him tremendous pride and a sense of accomplishment. “Recently, I had a graduate stop by to personally thank me for preparing him so well in my program,” he says. “The student had a job interview that required a skills test amongst other applicants. He indicated he felt very comfortable with the education that I provided him and was able to excel in the required tasks.” Thanks to Macholz and the student’s time at LSSC, he had multiple job offers within a couple of weeks – a common occurrence and point of pride for the Lineworker Boot Camp.

His advice to someone considering enrolling at LSSC would be to “follow your passion in life; loving what you do is not really work.” Macholz enjoys educating students who know little about the profession and allowing them to learn and grow in their roles. Macholz says that if he had to describe LSSC in one word, it would be visionary. “The cost of the education at LSSC is easily offset by the earning potential of our successful graduates.”

Outside of LSSC, Macholz and his wife love to travel, especially cruising. “To date, we have done 39 cruises,” he says. He also enjoys spending time in the woods and hunting.

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