Community Alert: Thefts reported on and near Leesburg Campus

LSSC is aware of an increase in crimes targeting motor vehicles on and around the Leesburg Campus.

On May 18, a catalytic converter was reported stolen from a vehicle parked on campus overnight. On May 21, an attempt to steal a vehicle parked nearby campus was reported.

Everyone is reminded to secure their valuables out of sight, lock their vehicles when parked, and immediately report any suspicious activity to Campus Safety. Parking of personal vehicles on campus overnight is discouraged, but if you do need to leave a vehicle overnight, please notify Campus Safety.

Additional safety resources are available from our Campus Safety team. Download the Lake-Sumter Safe app for quick access to safety resources and Campus Safety contact information.

This community alert, also known as a timely warning, is issued in accordance with the Clery Act to notify the campus community of certain crimes and aid in the prevention of similar crimes.