Degree Overview

The Business Administration, Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree is a dual-purpose degree for students looking to enter the business workforce. It not only prepares students for a business program at a four-year college or university, it also provides introductory knowledge and skills necessary for students seeking employment or advancement in a business career. Covering topics such as accounting, marketing, management, and economics, this degree is the start of your path to the business world.

Included Certificates:

Program Manager

Chris Sargent Email: SargentC@LSSC.EDU

Associate Dean of Workforce Development and acting Program Manager for CIT, Dr. Sargent joined LSSC in 2014 as an instructor. He started his IT career at Middlebury College as a lab manager and helpdesk support technician. He later worked for the USDA in tech support, then at the University of Maryland for nearly 14 years as a network administrator and project manager. Dr. Sargent also holds an MS in Information Technology and an MBA.

Degree Snapshot

  • Total Program Credit Hours: 60
  • Offered Fully Online: No
  • Offered Partially Online: Yes
  • Program Base Camp: Leesburg and South Lake
  • Typical Starting Positions: Human Resources Specialist, Business Manager, Finance Specialist
  • Starting Salary: $18.53/hr. Data Source
  • Job Growth in Area through 2026: 15.4% Data Source