Browse Available Courses

Students can use our Course Schedule Search to review up-to-date information about course offerings and availability. You can also use this search to find textbook information about LSSC courses.

Online Course Types

Asynchronous online courses
are online courses with no meeting times listed in Course Search. These online courses are self-directed and generally don’t have required meeting times. These are similar to the online classes that LSSC has traditionally offered.

Synchronous online courses
will have required online meetings (via Zoom or a similar platform) during some or all of the scheduled class times.

Registering for Classes

Students should use LOIS or Schedule Planner to register for classes.

Schedule Planner

Accessing Schedule Planner

  1. Log into LOIS using your X-ID and PIN
  2. Click the Student Tab
  3. Click Schedule Planner to get started

Schedule Planner Features

  • Build your class schedule weeks prior to registering for classes each semester. 
  • Review every possible schedule combination, taking into account your selected courses and designated break times.
  • Save your selections for later by sending them to the Schedule Planner Registration Cart.