All Summer Semester Courses to be offered online

As we continue to respond to COVID-19, LSSC made the decision to move all Summer 2020 courses to an online delivery method, including courses starting on June 22 (Summer B).

These changes have been completed and you can now see the updated Summer 2020 course schedule in the Course Search and Schedule Planner.

You will notice two different types of online course offerings:

  1. Online courses with no meeting times listed in Course Search. These “asynchronous online courses” are self-directed and generally don’t have required meeting times. These are similar to the online classes that LSSC has offered in the past.
  2. Online courses with meeting days and times listed in Course Search. These “synchronous online courses” will have required online meetings during some or all of the scheduled class times.

If you were already registered for a class in summer and the delivery modality was changed, you should have received a notification through Lakehawk mail (not Canvas messages) indicating the changes.

Please note that you have not been dropped from any of your summer classes.

Now that all changes have been made for the entire Summer semester, we encourage you to use Course Search and Schedule Planner to make any changes to your summer schedule. Please contact your academic advisor if you have any questions about whether a course applies to your degree program.