We want to do our part to help you have the best possible experience during your time at LSSC.  Balancing one’s studies and personal life can be difficult. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by these often-competing demands, students can learn to cope more effectively with the right skills and support.   

LSSC is committed to assisting students in developing these tools to deal with stress and other troubles when they arise. The Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides support in dealing with the pressures and challenges students face during their academic and professional careers.

The 2017 National College Health Assessment reports that in the last academic year:

  • 51% of students said they felt hopeless at least once
  • 87% felt overwhelmed at least once
  • 61% felt overwhelmed by anxiety at least once
  • 10.3% seriously considered suicide
  • 39% felt so depressed that it was difficult to function at least once

Student Assistance Program (SAP) Referral Form

Counseling is provided on a temporary basis to all LSSC students who request it through the Student Assistance Program (SAP).  LSSC contracts with a local private mental health provider for up to five free counseling sessions.  Use this form to begin the referral process. 

COVID-19 Assistance Programs

LSSC is currently offering three student assistance programs in response to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. These programs will remain in place as long as they are needed and/or as long as we have the resources to continue funding these programs.

Tuition and Fee Grant
This grant provides tuition and fee assistance to currently enrolled students to complete the Spring 2020 semester.

One-time Emergency Grant
This grant provides small emergency assistance grants up to $200 to currently enrolled students in dire need with a one-time payment of expenses.

Food Gift card Program
This program provides a grocery store gift card to currently enrolled students in need of food assistance.

Contact Information

Email: deanofstudents@lssc.edu