Lake-Sumter State College is committed to providing a drug free workplace and educational environment in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Drug Free Schools and Communities act Amendment of 1989, as stated in LSSC Board Rule 2.04 and LSSC Administrative Procedure 5.24.

It is important for students to be informed about the LSSC Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program Policy so they not only understand their rights and responsibilities, but also are aware of services available should they have or develop a problem and need help.

As outlined in the LSSC Student Code of Conduct, Students are prohibited from the possession, use, consumption, sale, distribution, or other transaction of any drugs that are in violation of Florida law. The Code of Student conduct applies to behaviors that take place on campus, at College-sponsored events and may also apply to conduct or to behavior off-campus when the off-campus conduct affects a substantial College interest. Please see the Jurisdiction statement of the LSSC Student Code of Conduct for details.

Violations of the LSSC Student Code of Conduct may lead to disciplinary action. Please click here to learn more about the LSSC Student Conduct Process and here to learn about possible sanctions for code violations. 

Students in need of treatment for alcohol or other drug problems can be assisted through our LSSC Student Assistance Program or (SAP). Please click here to learn more about the SAP as well as how to access the referral request form for free assistance. Students can also take advantage of local resources such as Alcoholics Anonymous for Lake and Sumter Counties, Celebrate Recovery, Narcotics Anonymous, and LifeStream Behavioral Center.