If you have an authorized financial aid disbursement that exceeds your student account charges, then you may be eligible to use your financial aid (including Foundation scholarships) to purchase books and required supplies before classes begin.

To determine if you have been issued a book authorization, log into LOIS and use the steps below to check for your bookstore authorization:

  • From the LOIS main menu, click on Financial Aid 
  • Click on Eligibility
  • Select the current aid year
  • Click on Student Requirements 

The next page will display the words “Satisfied Requirements” with a message that includes the dates the book authorization will be available.

If this statement does not exist on your account, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (352) 365-3567. If you are later found ineligible for financial aid after purchases are made, you are responsible for paying any charges on your account.

After you have verified your book authorization, you can purchase your books through the Campus Bookstores.