QM Internally Reviewed Courses

Course CodeName of CourseInstructor Last NameInstructor First Name
MAR 2011 Principles of Marketing BourneStuart
SBM 2000 Small Business Management BourneStuart
CCJ 1020 Introduction to Criminal Justice BridgemanGreg
CJE 2331 Ethics in Criminal Justice BridgemanGreg
PSY 2012 Introduction to Psychology BrooksJulie
LIS 2004 Intro/Internet Research CasonJames
ACG 2071Managerial AccountingClarkJacquel
ACG 3024 Accounting for Managers ClarkJacquel
FIN 3400 Financial Management ClarkJacquel
EDF 2005 Introduction to Education ColeKyle
EME 2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators ColeKyle
MUL 2010 Music Appreciation ConantCharise
ARH 2000 Art Appreciation CornellKelly
ARH 2050 Art History I CornellKelly
GRA 1190C Introduction to Graphic Design CornellKelly
ENT 4004 Entrepreneurship GerigShelly
MAR 3802 Marketing for Managers GerigShelly
BSC 1005 Intro to Life Science HicksDr. Debby
CTS 1205ExcelJohnsonJoan
ENC 1101 College Composition I KarlinsAmber
LIT 2000Intro to LiteratureKarlinsAmber
ENC 1102 Composition Literature KarlinsAmber
INR 2002 International Relations KarpDr. Linda
PSY 2012 Intro to Psychology KarpDr. Linda
CRW 2000 Creative Writing I KennedyMatthew
CRW 2002 Creative Writing II KennedyMatthew
FIL 2001Intro to American CinemaKennedyMatthew
AST 1002 Introduction to Astronomy MartinDr. James
CET 2660 Network Security, Net+ McTurkDr. Betti
CTS 2321 Linux Systems Administration McTurkDr. Betti
EDF 2005 Introduction to Education NathansonMichael
EME 2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators NathansonMichael
GEO 1000 Geography NortonJeremy
INR 2002 International Relations NortonJeremy
POS 2041 American National Government NortonJeremy
PHI 2010 Introduction to Philosophy OlenDr. Peter
MAN 3240 Organizational Behavior OrtizLuis
ENC 2210 Tech & Professional Writing PierceJackie
AMH 2020 U.S. History Since 1877 RogersBrian
CTS 2134 Network + Concepts SargentDr. Chris
CGS 1100 Business Computer Applications SargentDr. Chris
CIS 2321 Systems Analysis and Design SargentDr. Chris
MNA 4037 Introduction to Project Management SargentDr. Chris
CTS 2142 Project Management ConceptsSargentDr. Chris
MGF 1106 Liberal Arts Math SustarsicAlissa
MGF 1107 Explorations of Mathematics SustarsicAlissa
FIN 2100 Personal Finance SweitzerJulia
SPC 2608 Public Speaking UpchurchToni
NUR 3678Nursing Care of Vulnerable PopulationsWalterDr. Robin
NUR 4286Gerontological NursingWalterDr. Robin
ANT 2000 Introduction to Anthropology WaltonDr. David
HIM 2515 Leadership in HI & Med Offices ZiesemerBrandy

QM-Certified Courses

Course CodeName of CourseInstructor
BSC 1005 Introduction to Life Science Christopher Leibner
ESC 1000 Earth Science Survey Brenda Skoczelas
STA 2023 Elementary Statistics I Karen Hogans