The Money-Back Guarantee Program was created by the Florida Legislature in 2021 with the Reimagining Education and Career Help (REACH) Act. Students who complete a program designated for the money-back guarantee and are not employed six months after graduation are now eligible to request a full refund of their tuition costs.

Lake-Sumter State College has designed the following programs for the Money-Back Guarantee:

Program Requirements

  • Students who receive a job offer in their respective industry within the six-month window after graduation will be considered to have successfully found employment and will no longer be eligible to participate in the Money Back Guarantee program or request a full refund of their tuition.
  • Students must select a designated program when they apply for admission to LSSC and must sign an agreement that they understand their rights, obligations, and requirements as described in Section 1011.803, Florida Statutes.
  • Students must attend program courses and follow the College’s policies with regards to deadlines for dropping or withdrawing from any or all of their classes.
  • Students must meet with an academic advisor once each semester to ensure they are enrolling in the correct sequence of courses for their respective program.
  • Students must complete their program in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA for college-credit programs)
  • Students must meet with Career Development Services to complete the following activities: 
    • Resume building
    • Portfolio development
    • Job search assessment
    • Mock interviews
    • Develop a Career Plan and meet all benchmarks within the plan
  • Students must successfully complete any internship, clinical, practicum, or work-based learning experience required by their respective program. (not required in all programs)
  • Students must provide documentation of job search activities as determined by the institution.
  • Students must successfully earn any required third-party industry certifications or licenses within three (3) months of completion of the program as a required for employment in the respective industry. (not required in all programs)
  • Students must successfully pass any background checks and drug screening as required by prospective employers.